Our address is Bolshoi Karetnyy 8 ( Большой Каретный 8). The closest Metro is Tsvetnoi Bulvar (Цветной Бульвар) on the Grey Line – Line 9.( ~4 minutes by walk)

  1. Inside the Metro station there are two exits. Take the main exit (выход в город).
  2. Turn left outside the Metro station.
  3. Turn left at corner of Metro building. By Megaphone shop (Мегафон) – green sign.
  4. Follow the alley and then path up the hill. It goes on a way. This comes out onto Bolshoi Karetnyy (Большой Каретный). In front of you will be the Venezuelan Embassy (yellow blue red flag).
  5. Looking on the left you will see our hostel( buiding with two floors).

phone 8499 705 1202, 8910 087 8220

address : Bolshoy Karetny lane, building 8

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+7910 087 8220

Большой каретный переулок д 8